Thursday, 9 April 2009


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Saturday, 4 October 2008

A place we call home

Haha, you dunno how much a difference CEG/CG can make man!

You know, as we settle down in the smaller family we belong to - unlike sermons, even though there are still very powerful! - we start to hear from God things that are much closer towards us, and things that are more personal but at a more macro level!

Sam's message for CEG today spoke right smack into our hearts man!

A little tongue that might seem nothing, but if used wrongly, it is like a comet striking the earth. It is simply destruction that can never be undone (well, in the first place a destruction can never be undone!), it is like a stab in the heart, it is murder.

And I believe this is what we must never keep! But we must continue to set the culture right. We don't want a culture that this world keeps - backstabbing, badmouthing and what-nots. That's what makes us different from the outside world! We keep, nurture, and improve on our culture of faith, hope and love.

A culture that meditates on whatever things that are true, whatever things that are noble, whatever things that are just, whatever things that are pure, whatever things that are lovely, whatever things that are of good report, and things that are of virtue and praiseworthy.

A culture of faith, hope, love.. trust and believe. A godly culture.

Sam pointed out something that really spoke to me deeply - we can always be Christians anywhere and anytime we want. But why did God take the time out to arrange us to get planted in a certain church of our own? Simply because, He wants us to have a suitable and comfortable family that we can rely on, love and be loved, support and grow in it!

It'll be like going against God's destiny in us, if we start to do things against each other (our family) - no matter in the face or right at the back - cause we'll be disrupting harmony within our own family!

And if that happens, then what's the point of being in a family that abhors, loves sowing discord, and disrupt harmony when the very reason that God gave us a family is to love and be loved!

I don't want HOGC to be a place of warfare, where internal strife takes place, and disharmony reigns in us. But I want it to be a home of warfare where we fight in the Spirit of righteousness, to glorify God, love Him, do His will, and build His Kingdom.

People, lets get this into our heart. Lets carry this burden! I feel our church is special simply because we have the right culture. So, we must continue to keep this GODLY culture that keeps the atmosphere of love, somewhere where God's presence can easily dwell in, and most importantly makes a lovable and comfortable home for every single one of us!

Let us all build a wonderful church and home for everyone! (:

Saturday, 20 September 2008


You're my everything
The reason I sing
You've taken me under Your wings
And closer to You I draw near

My life's in Your hands
My heart beats
In Your perfect love
My lips shall praise You
Adore You
And lifting my love I will sing

You're amazing
Never changing
Always with me
Enthroned within my soul
My heart offers
The deepest of honour and worship


Jesus, You're so amazing.
For having my life changed.
Giving me a purpose in my once sinful life.
For having died on the cross, washing all my sins with your blood.

God, You're amazing.
Forgiving all my sins, giving me a new life.
Thank You for all that You have given.
That I can now use them to their fullest potential.

I love my craft, I love this God-given skill.
Use it to glorify Him, serve Him, love and worship Him.
Better than anything else in this world.
The best purpose of this entire world, simply 'cause it's God-given.

You're so amazing, it's beyond words to say.
Your presence so great, that eyes can never see.
Your love and mercy, no death can ever break.
Let me sing Your praise, You're so amazing.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Plans? Purposes?

Haha I'm very tired already.. it was a long (BUT powerful!) day YESTERDAY (it's 1.30am in the morning already), and the hide-and-seek game we all played totally drained my energy. Hahaha.

But anyway, I'm still gonna use a bit of this strength to blog since I suddenly have something to say, and at the same time waiting for Bx to discuss about something! Haha.

Anyway, I suddenly thought that my entire life was really perfectly planned and organised by God!

I was actually thinking that, if I had stayed near SengKang with Bx, I'd be taking bus home with Jacky, Bx, and many many other people! But then.. next came to my mind was that if I stayed near/at SengKang, I'd be studying in a school in SengKang!

Then I thought if that was the case, would I actually start learning the guitar when I'm in Sec2?

Then, would I be loving music as much as I am even after Sec2?

And if I was studying in a school in SengKang, would I be who I am now, loving the guitar, worshipping God with it, giving God His glory through my craft? Would I progress as far as I did if I was brought up in a totally different environment?

Well, we never know what God as in store for us! Let's just think simply, cause it makes things easier for us, and just have faith that God really has a destiny for all our lives!

Haha we can never know God's mind, or else we'd be God!

Humans by ourselves - by our fleshly selves - have much pride. We think that as long as we do well in life, we don't need God.

Some people do actually know that they are leading a purposeless life, and they complain, but they have never intended to find out what can truly be their purpose in life!

Sometimes it's so weird you know, that these people are so unhappy about their lives, but when friends go to them to suggest a PERFECT way out for them, they just are so unreluctant to try it out, and rather continue living in their life of depression, delusion, and materialism!

Pride. We call this pride. It is human pride that will cause the downfall of humans. I promise you, and I assure you.

Humans, by nature, are so caught up with ourselves that we tend to not look at things beyond the material and reality. I'm not saying that we should sit down everyday, do nothing and not being realistic, and daydream about things that might never happen!

But seriously, we look too much into the face value of life. We look at the front cover, but we never look into the hearts.

And that's why, many have not found their true purpose!

I'm so happy that ever since I went to church, I have found a purpose in my life. It is not a purpose that I'm running for on the material outside, but it is something that contains more depth, and I'm running for a greater value! I'm running for a value that is not about face, fame, money or status - but the values of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.

These are values that this worldly society can never touch upon UNLESS their pride is taken down - unless people dare to take that step to humble themselves and accept a God so unreachable, yet so true, so tangible in our everyday lives.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Fight harder!

And then I asked myself... "Will everything that I've gone through so far go down to waste?"

But I've gone far, I've stayed strong, I've clinged on so tightly.. am I starting to lose grip because of those few emotions? Are emotions worth me losing my grip? Are they that strong that they take control over my will? Are they overpowering me to diverse myself away from God?

Are they worth in exchange for all that I've done for my leaders, friends, and most importantly, God?

And then the question comes: Why am I in church?

If I were to lose my grip, my momentum, I'll be back to scratch! Then what's the point, when I'm climbing up to do more things for God! Why should I be pulling myself back just because of some stupid thoughts and emotions?

No, I can't. I've stayed strong.. Now, I must stay EVEN stronger. I can't be weak when everyone else is strong! I must and will become as strong as my leaders, as powerful as pastors.

I must never lose my dreams! If I lose my focus in being in church, start losing my dreams and visions on why I'm in church, just because of some irritating weeds at the back of my brain, then it's so not worth it!

Are they worth clinging on to, compared to God-given dreams? Dumb thoughts are NOT godly at all - not even the slightest bit!

I can fight back.. I can! I'm strong, I'm resilient against struggles. I can pull through.

I can pull through everything and anything as long as I have Christ, who strengthens me!

I shall seek revelation.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Free time wor!

Haha, okay, I shall do some blogging since I have some time before I go to church!

CEG outing was fun last night! Went to ChomChom for dinner, and ate till I was really really full! I'm surely and rapidly growing fatter.. Hahaha. The best part was after dinner man - and that is hanging out!

I just love hanging out man.. You know that feeling when you sit down and chat, take photos, laugh at each other's jokes and funny gestures - basically, enjoying the company!

Give me techs, give me cars and whatever other robotic stuff, I'll say I'll prefer the company of my friends and family (: And last but not least, Jesus!

Okay.. I really dunno what I can say. Oh ya! Can't wait for steamboat with Ivan later on, it's so gonna be fun, enjoyable, memorable!

And yes, CEG tomorrow! It's been sooo long since we last had one, just miss it! And Counter-Strike after CEG with Ivan... wooohooo!

Sad that Ivan's going off to NS.. Nelson too ): But I believe we're gonna make this one of the best days of their lives! (:

Friday, 5 September 2008

Slowly, but surely.

Breakthrough, breakthrough!

Wa, today was awesome! CG with Fe, WeeKiat, Dee, JiaJia, and Terence was simply amazing. It was really my very first time I enjoyed CG sooo much. Finally, we all were pulling down the presence of God together.

It was just so amazing! The level of peace felt was simply.. whoosh, whole new level man! (:

God spoke to me, and it was totally refreshing, rejuvenating, recharging, and revitalising! God is continually guiding and helping us grow even more, but before that, we must seek Him, and really push ourselves and tab into His presence!

It's just so amazing.. God told me that: By ourselves, no matter the circumstances or situation, we must always continue to have the will to remain strong in the Spirit, or even better, be stronger!

I guess this was what Ivan shared about.. to be strong on our own, self-dependant, and not always relying people who are stronger and our leaders.

This must definitely be God. It's the season of growth! (:

Sometimes, we can't help it when there's a sudden restructure, or a sudden switch in direction. But one thing that helps is that, we must stay fixed in our direction towards God - our direction not being affected by all the circumstances and situations.

It is a helpline that works 100% well!

Just like how Dee put it, it is a test of our own strength through ordeals and obstacles.

We should, and will, have more of such CGs - powerful atmosphere that allows God to speak to us. We must be strong antennas to receive God's word! (:

Haha, then after CG hangout in WeeKiat's house and fun fun fun! And, and, and... WeeKiat's grandma (if I'm not wrong) cooks super well! Great fish, great food, great company! (:

I know I've been using this word for many times in this post already.. but TODAY WAS SIMPLY AMAZING! ((: